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Todd Bettison

The Pictures of Hope experience has been truly enlightening. It showcased the intelligence, compassion, and talent that our inner city youth possess. It positively transformed the perceptions of both the students and the police officers that participated.

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Linda and her team are amazing, we have have been blessed with her program for 4 years which warms our hearts! We are honored she has picked our little shelter in West Texas to work with, her program has changed lives!

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Health Leadership High School is a charter community school in the south side of Albuquerque, NM. We work with students who struggle with poverty, homelessness, drugs, and previous academic failure. 2017 was our first graduating class, and our seniors had the opportunity to participate in the Pictures of Hope program in May of 2017.

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Deb G.

I have been honored to have been a mentor to a child for the past 8 years in this program. What a pleasant surprise to find that you can learn so much from a child.

Being a mentor consists of spending two very special days with this child. One on one. The first day you will attend a photography workshop given by Linda for the children.

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